Mgs 4 – Guns Of The Patriots – Review

Ultimately, the film hero does what we wish we could do: cut through the endless troubles and tribulations of life, destroying the evil, crime, and corruption that stood in their way. Below is a list of good action films where that happen.

Released in 2002, this second sequel of the three-movie series MIB starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith can be categorized as a comedy film. While some alien creatures and dialogues may not be suited for young kids, there are a lot of funny scenes. The special visual effects are good enough.

Stallone does exceptionally well in depicting the pure horror of Burma. These people are just pure evil. There were several times in this that I winced at some of the things that they did. They were truly vile and barbaric and I couldn’t wait until Rambo got hold of them. Rambo shows no emotion during the fight scenes and that sums up the person who Rambo really is; a one man killing machine that executes with no mercy, just like how the Burma soldiers were with their pray. Well you know the old saying *What comes around, goes around* and that what Rambo gives them, a taste of their own medicine.

Plot rundown is pointless, as you already know if you’re going to want to watch it or not. Some people have criticized the movie for showing violence against children. Obviously this will upset some people, but as far as the movie goes, it was necessary to show the brutality of the soldiers and their actions. These things do go on in the real world and by cutting them out, you are diluting the impact of the movie. It’s there, on the screen, and if you don’t like it – don’t watch it. As for the rest, there’s beheadings, people getting cut in half, flying limbs, disembowelment’s – and it’s all shown in full, with no cuts or hints of suggestions.

The plot isn’t very interesting. As the film progresses, we begin to realize that there is a method to Wax’s madness. He is hunting down terrorists in Paris, and is using a “by any means necessary” kind of approach. There is of course, a love interest involved, which is Reese’s fiance, played by Kasia Smutniak. I found their relationship to be extremely annoying. However, I did really enjoy how their relationship played out in the end.

I have to give some love to True Lies. This is an action film that I grew up on, and few films since have rivaled it in explosions and action packed fun. This is an awesome movie, and Michael Bay can only wish he could put together an action movie like this.

I have never found it necessary to purchase any props or costumes for our video’s as our motto is “Make do with what you have”. Necessity is the mother of invention and we’ve come up with some hilarious costumes from using items around the house.

With videos, your generation can watch a film over and over and over. First the story–get that out of the way. THEN start watching for the acting. Just watch and watch and watch until you finally start to SEE what the actors are doing. Or mostly see what they are NOT doing.

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