Get Your Antique Jewelry Rings Gia Certified

You may have heard about the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), which issues certificates of diamonds, and you may wonder if you can get a certificate of your Antique jewelry rings, but you must first know what it is this certificate. A certificate issued by the gia su tai ha noi is a document that contains information about the characteristics and qualities of a particular diamond. To make this qualification, the GIA trained gemologists evaluate and inspect the most important characteristics of the diamond, and then these results are summarized in a classification that is used to quickly establish a quality of the stone they are describing. However, the GIA does not qualify full of jewelry, but you can have a certificate of quality from the stone used in your Antique jewelry rings.

It is important to note that the evaluation of the stone in your Antique jewelry rings, can be more complicated because the diamond is mounted in the ring and can hide parts of it, so if you want the certificate to be well fact you can ask a jeweler to remove your diamond from the ring and so is can be better assessed by the GIA. If you want to get the quality around the ring, you can also ask the advice of a professional appraiser who also to determine the quality, can give you a monetary value of your ring.

Certificates issued by the GIA include a description of the main characteristics of the diamond, which include color, clarity, cut and carat weight, these are the aspects that influence the value of a diamond and each of them will receive a grade within the range defined by the GIA, which is one of the standards most used to describe the quality of a diamond. GIA reports include additional information about the smoothness of the surface of the stone and how symmetrically shaped diamond, there is even a diagram showing measurements of the major proportions of the stone. Which may have rated the stone of your Antique jewelry rings gives a focus on the quality of the stone and the GIA is one of the institutions with the greatest weight to classify diamonds.

Although the GIA does not give a monetary value to diamonds, if you sell your diamond ring, knowing the quality of it can help you determine its true value just as when you are making another purchase. A certificate of GIA also serves to check the quality of the jewel and even to access insurance jewelry. In addition to making a report of the diamond, the GIA assigns a unique number to the stone that will help you identify if you take to repair your ring and want to know if you returned the same diamond.

Finally, for the report you can send your diamond to GIA by mail, it is good to have the diamond insured before shipping, in case of loss or theft.