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11 months agoChili Technology offers the ChiliPad Cube, also known simply because ChiliPad, a mattress pad featuring a built-in temperature regulation system that provides both heating and cpu cooling.

The pad is constructed with a central control unit known as the Cube, which is connected to a network of silicone microtubes. ChiliPad owners add hot or cold water, which circulates through the tubes before arriving at the Cube. The temperature can be adjusted manually or with a wireless remote; owners can preset the temperature in one degree increments at anywhere from 55 to 110 Fahrenheit (13 to 43 Celsius).

The ChiliPad could be obtained in a total of seven sizes. Four of these sizes Single, Twin XL, Full, and Split California King are single-zone pads, meaning they have one Cube unit and provide one temperature-regulated surface. One other three sizes Queen, King, and California king are dual-zone pads, making them a good selection for couples with differing temperature preferences. A Twin-size ChiliPad had been available, but eventually discontinued due to low demand.

What You Ought Know About The ChiliPad

– The ChiliPad Cube single- and dual-zone mattress pads are most suitable for:

– Single sleepers and couples who experience temperature-related discomfort (either too hot or too cold) during the the evening.

– Homeowners that would like to you are able to on their air conditioning bills.

– Pregnant ladies and other sleepers with medical conditions that can cause excessively hot or excessively cold sleeping.

The chilipad review Cube may not be suitable for:

– Sleepers that do not experience significant temperature-related issues through the night.

– People who awaken easily noise.

– Those who find mattress pads beneath their fitted sheets uncomfortable.

How Does the ChiliPad Work?

Follow these five steps to operate the ChiliPad Cube:

Secure the mattress pad

The pad should be unfolded and placed leading of the mattress and underneath a fitted page. The pad presents elastic corner straps that are great for around the sides of the mattress additional stability. The microtubes can be placed in the head or foot in the bed, primarily based on the owner’s preferences.

Connect the tube on the cube

The Cube should rest on a set surface with at least two feet (24?) of breathing room on all sides. It should be plugged into an AC outlet, and really should be positioned with water tank on top to prevent leakage. Owners can utilize risers to put the Cube beneath their bed. Connect the male end of your external tube attachment into the Cube’s female connector. When connecting the tube into the Cube, nowhere release button should be facing increasing.

Fill the cube with water

The Cube has an opening on five good in which water must be added. Unscrew the cap and add distilled water as necessary. Once the Cube has reached full water capacity, turn the machine on utilizing the power button near the opening. The Cube will produce a gentle beep, and after that the tubes will to be able to fill with water. As water is shipped into the tubes, owners will really should add more distilled water to the Cube before the add water’ indicator light goes out side. They should then screw the cap back into place.

Please note: when new, the ChiliPad’s water tank should possess a trace regarding water inside; this indicates the product has undergone quality control tests to be able to packaging. In the event the water is absent, then the ChiliPad probably don’t have been properly tested.

Adjust temperature

Two buttons one with a flame icon and another with a snowflake icon are located next towards power button in the software. Owners use these two buttons expand or lower the temperature in one-degree increments until their desired setting is reached. A temperature reading displays the owner’s setting, not the ChiliPad’s current heat range. Once the temperature recently been properly adjusted, the number will blink three the times. Most temperature changes be effective within fifteen minutes.

In addition to manual controls, owners can program temperatures with a wireless remote. To activate the remote, hold down the Cube’s power button for five seconds; the unit will beep and show a blinking 888′ in the temperature let you know. Turn on the far off at this point; the unit will beep again and display the current temperature preset. To program the remote with a dual-zone pad, make sure one for the Cubes remains off throughout this process.

Power off cube when needed

To turn off the Cube, simply press the power button although is running. The display will immediately turn off, though followers may run for a few moments longer. Owners are advised to unplug the Cube when do not plan to use their ChiliPad in the next 24 various. To drain the Cube, use an H-shaped tool that comes with the ChiliPad; the cross-shaped end is needed to drain theCube, as well as the hollow end is would once drain the mattress bed.

Please note that dual-zone Chilipads (Queen, King, and California sizes) feature two microtube networks and Cube moments. To operate these, simply follow the steps as listed above for all parties of the pad.

Sizing and Pricing

Current prices for all available ChiliPad sizes are listed in table directly below. Please note the pricing differences between pads whilst Cube included and replacement pads

ProductNew (Pad and Cube)Replacement (Pad Only)

Single-size ChiliPad Cube (Single-zone)$499$249

Twin XL-size ChiliPad Cube (Single-zone)$599$289

Full-size ChiliPad Cube (Single-zone)$699$299

Queen-size ChiliPad Cube (Dual-zone)$999$379

King-size ChiliPad Cube (Dual-zone)$1,199$399

California King-size ChiliPad Cube (Dual-zone)$1,199$399

Split California King-size ChiliPad Cube (Single-zone)$649$289

Additionally, customers may purchase replacement Cube units for $399.

ChiliPad Features and Specs

The ChiliPad’s features, functions, and product specifications have the following:

Temperature range: The Cube can be programmed in one-degree increments to reach temperatures about 55 to 110 Fahrenheit (13 to 43 Celsius). Certain factors since bedroom temperature and sleeper weight may affect temperature delivery.

Cube dimensions: The Cube measures 9 1/4 wide, 9 1/4 long, and 7 1/2 tall. They weigh roughly nine pounds.

Energy usage: The average ChiliPad uses 80 n.

Power sources: The Cube’s power cord must be plugged into an AC outlet to your job. The remote control requires two AAA battery packs.

Cord length: The power cord measures eight feet (8) in length.

Material composition: The mattress pad is established from a polyester and cotton blend. The microtubes are made of medical-grade rubber.

ChiliPad weight limit: The material operates with as much as 500 pounds per area. However, heavier individuals cannot experience food with caffeine . temperature range as lighter individuals.

ChiliPad dimensions: The table below lists width, length, and thickness dimensions for that ChiliPad in each available size.

ChiliPad SizeZonesDimensions (Width x Length x Height)

Single130W x 75L x 3/4H

Twin Extra Long (XL)138W x 80L x 3/4H

Full153W x 75L x 3/4H

Queen260W x 80L x 3/4H

King276W x 80L x 3/4H

California King272W x 84L x 3/4H

Split California King136W x 84L x 3/4H

What’s Offered with a ChiliPad Purchase?

The items in a ChiliPad box depend on whether a single- or dual-zone pad was picked up. A full breakdown is listed in the table losing weight.

Type of PadNumber of PadsNumber of CubesNumber of RemotesNumber of Drain Keys



Additionally, all ChiliPad Cubes come by using a user’s manual, warranty, and registration card.