How To Get A EReleases?

eReleases is a targeted report distribution service that helps users reach out to journalists, bloggers, and radio and television media outlets. Its services include press release writing, editing, and distribution through its custom national PR Newswire distribution. Its pricing ranges from $299-$499/release, and it works best for small businesses with no prior distribution experience.

eReleases Pricing

eReleases pricing will be three options: Buzz Builder ($299/release), Newsmaker ($399/release), and PR Pro ($499/release). Each and every differences between choices include word count limit, the quantity of targets, distribution channels, and guaranteed coverage, as well as inclusion of industry-specific media outreach.

New users get discounted pricing for press release distribution for as little as $269 for one press release. Users may also purchase more credits at about a discounted rate. Packages include three releases for $777, six releases for $1,494, 12 releases for $2,868, 24 releases for $5,469, 48 releases for $9,999, and 60 releases for $12,299.

Buzz Builder

The Buzz Builder option offers custom national distribution using the PR Newswire society. The releases are also sent directly to subscribing journalists. Snooze mode a 400-word count limit and gives users the chance to choose one target for distribution. You will find a a guaranteed exposure on 60+ media sites.


eReleases‘ Newsmaker option comes with full functionalities that go however Buzz Builder intend. In addition, it offers distribution to premium news outlets using the PR Newswire network. Users can choose two distribution targets, and press releases the increased word count of 500 reactions. It comes with a guaranteed exposure on 90+ media sites.

PR Pro

PR Pro is eReleases’ most advanced option. It along with a all the Newsmaker features and offers users access to PRTrue list of journalists. Users can come up up to three distribution targets, and press releases can reach up to 600 words. It arrives with guaranteed exposure on 120+ media web sites.

eReleases Features

eReleases offers news release writing or editing services to help small businesses rise above the crowd by their viewers. The press releases are then distributed to its wide network of television and radio outlets, major news websites, and emailed directly to reporters, journalists, and writers. It also offers press release monitoring through WireWatch.

PR Writing

Users who don’t know how to write a press release or those simply no time to write one themselves can avail of eReleases’ press release writing services. Users can send newsletters, notes, and websites as bases for the releases. They furthermore given the possible opportunity to approve, suggest changes, or revise the press releases before they are distributed.

Distribution networks

eReleases integrates but now PR Newswire network, which ensures that press releases go directly to editors. Content is also distributed to news content systems like SmartBriefs, Moody’s, McGraw-Hill, and LexisNexis. Users can also target industry-specific journalists or bloggers, as possess access to eReleases’ contact media repository. Releases are also sent via email to subscribing correspondents.


WireWatch is eReleases’ proprietary press release monitoring service that gives users up-to-date here is how their releases are distributed and purchased by various service providers. It also gives users an estimate of its potential audience, as well as details on online engagement with their press release.

Most Helpful eReleases Reviews

Users who left eReleases reviews commented that it offers an easy way to prepare and distribute press releases. They like that there isn’t a lengthy application process, and that payments are easily processed. Others, however, noted confusing information on its reach. Some complained that its interface needs improvement and that it suffers from glitches when uploading media content.

Professional and efficient team

One user who gave a positive eReleases review on Shopper Approved likes its team’s appreciation of detail. She related that its team noticed a critical mistake in a release sent these people for distribution, and it was corrected completely. She also noted that the team is meticulous in reviewing press releases before distribution.

False promise on reach

There is an unacceptable discrepancy between what is falsely advertised and exactly what reach is really providedthe stats of press/media views using the release are terrible. eReleases gets paid for the reach, and what reach they provided completely laughable. You cannot advertise yourself as promoting a pr to thousands of people, and in a friendly manner barely any release views.


eReleases Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the scope of the eReleases network?

eReleases has a new network of over 4,500 news websites, 30,000 publications, and 85,000 journalists who are constantly trawling the wire for newsworthy items to present to their readers.

Apart from mainstream television and radio media, press releases are also sent to each contact for auction on a user’s chosen target business category, which has typically 500 to 1,500 industry-relevant contacts.

Can images or videos be a part of releases?

Yes. Images and videos may be included in press releases, either as basic links within the press release, or embedded in at the very least of the release itself. Users consist of up to two images or one video embedded their particular press releases.

Which parts of press releases count toward the word-count limit?

All words above the press release which might be distributed count toward the word prevent. This includes the headline, dateline, boilerplate, and media contact details.