Science Kids – Keeping Them Interested

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A friend instantly died. Everyone else had to go to the hospital. My case was one of the worst ones because I had an injury in my head. I lost my memory and the coordination of my movements.

Now let’s think of the very next natural number: Q+1. We know for sure that this is NOT a prime number since P is the last and biggest prime number and it is safely kept inside the FINITE balloon of all known prime numbers.

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When the story is over, do a quick review with your child. “What hand signal did we use first?” Using the hand signal, together say, “Observe!” Let your child tell you in their own words what Susie observed. Continue through each hand signal and term in this same way. Once you have retold the story using hand signals and terms, your parent’s one day science fair project should end with a review by asking the child just to say just the steps to the Scientific method using only the terms and hand signals.

How about our thoughts. We recall memories, which scientists have proven are stored energy. Quantum physics talk about the energy in the world, and how it effects the other energy around it. It talks about other dimensions where energy can display its information, just like a computer can display information.

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