Science Can’t Explain Every Little Thing!

2) The position of the seat: Also with the sun and the Earth’s angle of the light. Under certain circumstances degrees will also affect the indoor lighting, the psychological impact on people. In fact, some have very vulgar things to say about this scientific view of the Feng Shui argument, all have some validity, mainly those who have high school education, but also with a scientific point of view it is not difficult to analyze the cause. Lets try to use very simple scientific knowledge so that some things can be analyzed.

Children need to learn that most experiments in most research labs end up disproving and idea. It is using the information you get from the things that do not work that often end up giving you the ideas to create and experiment that will eventually find the solution to your idea. It is well known that some of the biggest breakthroughs in science, like penicillin, came from the failures or from the unexpected results. We use the Scientific method to solve problems we run into in our life every day. Simple experiments in one day science fair projects or long term projects all need to use the Scientific method.

Of course, getting people on your list is a lot of work. You’ve got to maintain your list, keep your emails flowing, and keep them interested. You’ve got to sell them stuff often enough so that you make a profit, but not so often that they leave your list. This can take a while to figure out.

One critical thing to know and remember is that trading in the Forex market is a game of trading the odds. The Forex market is a market of odds and uncertainties, not facts and assurances and predictable certainties.

We also have to respect God’s guidance in our religion. All religions were created by the same God to teach us a part of an incomprehensible truth for us. We cannot understand the real meaning of spirituality because we are violent, materialistic, idiotic, impatient, and superficial.

Why in the world would your body shut down fine motor skills when your life is being threatened? The thing is your body sacrifices fine motor stills for increased strength and speed in gross (or large) motor skills. These are much more important things like running, jumping, punching, and kicking.

Research carried out at Berkley University (sources found at end) found that the more weight you have to lose and the more you want to lose that weight, the better running is for you. The researchers found that “running promotes the greatest weight loss specifically in those individuals who have the most to gain from losing weight”.

So, though we must question life, and we need this higher powers permission to allow us to live and make sense of life, we also question the validity of this relationship – man and higher power. Does this make sense to you?