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How many times have you heard “I cannot touch that code, because it was developed by someone else!”, or “I cannot help because I am a HR Consultant and that is a Finance problem”? If you washing machine does not want to switch on, you do not need to be an Electrical Engineer, Washing Machine Repair Specialist, Technician, or whatever specialist to do some basic fault finding. Make sure the plug is working. Check the trip-switch, etc. “I have never seen this error before” should not stop you from attempting to solve. With the error message and an Internet Search engine, you can get lots of starting points.

There is no evidence that God exists. I always like to fall back on String Theory to debate this one. String Theory is widely accpeted by many in the physics community. String theory explains much about the universe, the mathematics are elegant, and it provides a road map to the Holy Grail of physics: A Grand Unified Theory. The downside? There is absolutely no evidence that strings exist. Not only have we never seen one, there is no existing theory that explains how it would even be possible to see one.

Stories also claim a baby’s sex can be determined by the father in another way. If dad is gaining weight during pregnancy a little girl is on the way.

In February of 1988 I started writing a book in order to prove to the world that only Carl Jung discovered the right method of dream interpretation. I used my own example, divulging my entire life, all my psychological problems, my dreams, and my entire journey to recovery. I also related many Scientific discoveries in various scientific fields, which happened after Jung’s death, and proved that his theories were real discoveries.

Now what can you do to solve the problem and make things better? Enrolling for a course that would help you improve your memory is a good idea. However, there are chances that you may soon loose interest in the course. You definitely need something that can keep you interested and what you love doing. The scientific brain games offer the perfect solution to a memory problem or a low self esteem.

11. If there cannot be a finite number of prime numbers in the universe, this is a proof that there are INFINITE number of prime numbers in the universe.

Psychiatry is clearly a social science and not a physical science. There are different ways to measure variables. Physical science does not take this into account. It does not mean that psychiatry is not a science in its own right. We must believe in different scientific methodologies. Psychiatry is an art in a way, but there are clear symptoms we look for in a client and these do not apply to all, but a few. As long as we stick to a clear definition of symptoms, we are performing a scientific study. Maybe we cannot quantify the diagnoses in clear statistical measurements. It does not make them any more less real.

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