Completely Free XML Site Map Generator to Generate XML Site Map

XML sitemap is a special sitemap used by many popular search engines, which is introduced firstly by Google to help search engines index websites more quickly. If your website does not have an xml sitemap, Google's spider then downloads all those newly discovered pages and repeats the process of scanning for links, which will slow down the indexing speed of web pages.

Such process takes time and the spider may lose some links. If you have a Google site map, Google's spider immediately knows about all the pages on your website. Reading the Google Sitemap is considerably faster than having to download and scan each page. A Google site map also helps if your pages are not well linked together or there are dead links.

What's more, XML Site Map is not only a list of all URLs of a website with hierarchical structure, but also includes additional information about each URL (the date it was last updated, how often it changes, and how important it is for the whole website). So generate a site map can not only get your web pages indexed more quickly, but also can improve the SE rankings greatly.

SiteMap X is one of the most advanced site map generator in the world currently, its incomparable comprehensive function is much better than the online sitemap creator, and the most important thing is that it is it is totally free for you to download.

The following are the advantages and benefits of this xml site map generator brings to you:

1.Rapidly and Effectively to create Site Map? Rapidly crawl your sites and generate standard sitemap within a few minutes. Dead links is going to be reported once being found. Following the creation, SiteMap X will instantly upload these to your fixed FTP server.

2.Large Amount of Site Map? The website map file is of huge volume and also the moving level is deep than individuals online machines. You are able to pick the amount of links and the amount of moving autonomously.

3.Schedule Site Map Based on Your Personal Need? You are able to set an agenda and let SiteMap X instantly create the sitemaps and upload the files for your website, which could make certain the standard uploading of sitemaps to enhance the rate of page indexing or internet search engine ratings.

4.Ping Search Engines Like Google and Uncover Dead links Timely? SiteMap X can immediately ping search engines like Google once you submitted or up-to-date your sitemap. It will likewise inform search engines like Google if any change has been manufactured inside your web pages.

SiteMap X is the greatest site map generator on the planet, it save your time and efforts to produce site map for the website also it provide you with good ratings and enormous profits. But the most crucial factor is you don't need to spend a cent to possess this advanced version.