It's The Biggest Night In Lgbt Entertainment AS The Lgbt Academy OF Recording Arts Lara Celebrate

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London Fashion Week: Backstage on Tuesday | Pictures ...Perhaps, the Supreme court is aware that time has come to make some necessary changes in the centuries old law system of India and work towards eradication of the shame and stigma related to an individual’s sexual identity and create an environment of respect, dignity and equality for this g

Many other known politicians and thetranny ministers have gone to extent of calling it a curable disorder and also claiming that homosexuality is against the law of nature and hence the LGBT community needs to be completely disenfranc 7.

While he has also made statements calling homosexuality as a genetic flaw, this sentiment seems to have full support of the Indian middle class.

‘There are 20 million reasons’ the case will fail, Republican election lawyer Ben Ginsburg told CNN, referencing the number of people who would be disenfranchised if the Court decided as Texas proposes.

‘Now this is just a sour grapes case,’ he said.

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From the brief, it looks like a fella begging for a pardon filed a PR stunt rather than a lawsuit – as all of its assertions have already been rejected by federal courts and Texas’ own solicitor general isn’t signing on,’ he wrote.

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Trump plans to meet with state attorneys general have have followed his lead in seeking to intervene in a Texas lawsuit asking the high court to disregard millions of ballots in four states that Joe Biden Won.

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This year’s honorees include Melissa Etheridge – Lifetime Achievement Award, Sheryl Lee Ralph – Pillar Award, Wayne Besen – Visionary Award, Chely Wright – Vanguard Award, international disco icon SYLVESTER – OUTmusic Icon Award, Cyndi Lauper – Person of the Year Award, Randy Jones of the Village People Cowboy – Heritage Award and 2005 Kennedy Center ‘Women In Music’ Honoree Paula ‘Sticks’ Hampton – The OUTMusic Living Legend Awar This year, the OMA will honor several exceptional individuals for their excellence in the art of recording, performing and championing for equality.

OUTmusic is an advocate on behalf of these artists to raise awareness of their contributions to music and entertainment histor OUTmusic is the premier 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization created to empower, honor, and celebrate the achievements of openly LGBT recording artists and performers.

This year, the awards are being held on World AIDS Day to bring attention the increasing number of homeless youth being affected with HIV/AIDS daily. Additional details and participates of the Sponsor A Young Person Initiatives will be announced later this mont The Sponsor A Young Person Initiative is a series of PSA that include both mainstream and LGBT celebrities, entertainers, musicians and “real” people who work tirelessly daily to help and support homeless youth abandon by their family and thetranny love ones. In advocating for equality in the music industry, the organization is “creating the CHANGE we want to see” with the launch of its Sponsor A Young Person’s Initiative. Currently, there is close to 2.5 million homeless people (40 percent LGBT identified) between the ages of 13-25 in America. The foundation will put a spotlight on the Next 20 years to celebrate and uplift the NEXT generation.