Best Involving Baby Blankets

If the 10 crafty ideas listed above have inspired you to make a few of those items, you can piece blocks specifically for these projects, or look around to find someone who has extras lying around. Check garage or tag sales, thrift stores and online auctions and classifieds to find spare quilt blocks.

Blanket Quilt First, you need to find two boards, ideally of a hardwood such as oak. It is crucial that they are longer than the width of your quilt. Next, you need to staple or stitch a piece of durable material around the boards, such as heavy cotton or denim. Form the fabric into a slack tube, loose enough to leave a flap of fabric to which the quilt ends can be attached, while ensuring that the material is firmly fixed to the boards.

You can add embellishments of ribbons, trims, and laces, stitching them from edge to edge of the foundation piece so that the ends will be included in the seam allowances. It is best not to attach these embellishments parallel and too close to the edges of the block as these spaces will be covered with embroidery stitches.

A frame is not essential for quilting, but is extremely helpful – particularly for the stitching element of quilt-making. Using a frame means your quilt is less likely to pucker or wrinkle.

Just as with many string and selvedge edge quilt blocks, women took the cigar ribbons and arranged them to form designs. The blocks were usually square, with strips laid in log cabin designs, on the diagonal, or in quartered designs. The color would add another dimension as the secondary pattern that formed when the blocks were sewn together.

Baby Quilted Sleeping Bags. Babies need portable sleeping bags so they can sleep comfortably where ever they happen to be. Warm strong and washable are the things to think about in this category.

A century ago, cigar companies tied a bright colored silk ribbon around a bundle of cigars. Women stitched them together with black or colored embroidery floss stitches onto a fabric foundation block. They were not cut or curved, but placed side by side. Cigar company ribbons had fancy logos and used attractive fonts in black ink on yellow or orange ribbons. The various advertising on the ribbons added decoration to the quilt block. Green, pink and purple ribbons were occasionally used in the block designs, signifying a rare cigar.

Place a few straight pins at random places on the surface of the quilt. (Anywhere but on the lines.) This will keep the pieces from shifting during sewing.

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