Custom Dog Painting

I can’t recover from how detailed the portraits are; every nuance brought to life. 9

I even have coveted a painting from Megan Lynn Kott for-e-ver. I first met her at a Renegade craft present (again when I had a sales space!), but she not often takes on commissions anymore.

If you need a present note, I am pleased to include one. We rescued our pup in January and it’s on my listing to get a portraiture done of him. 13

I couldn’t cease grinning as I scrolled through FBT Studio’s work! These quirky portraits would look so regal on any pet parents’ wall. This would’ve been purrrfect for Miss Maddie.

But what I can let you know, the timing continues to be not proper on this season of my life. My wife Sherry and I wanted to do something to assist that might not be only a one-time donation, Custom Pet Canvas but one that we might maintain over time. We got here up with the idea of doing pet portraits and pet custom canvas prints donating money to assist the Joplin Humane Society. All of our pet portraits include a free 4×5 print that can be framed and displayed in your house or office. We offer our pet portraits as Canvas Wraps on a 1.5 inch thick stretcher boards or you may get a print on a backboard that can be framed.

I will get to work and ship you a photo once I actually have your painting full to be sure to adore it. The painting will be then be varnished and punctiliously packaged and shipped.

Portraits can range in size from a basic eight″ x 10″ to larger sizes like 20″ x 24″ and even forty eight″ x 72″ for jumbo sizing! Make certain to consider where you plan on hanging your portrait, as that can significantly affect sizing.

Jaunita’s Colored Book creates sensible watercolor portraits – with a splash of shade for good measure. Digital files could be provided for use for a further payment. We will contact you through e-mail, confirming your order and requesting photographs of your pet.

The finest paintings come from the best photographs. Want to know how to take nice pictures of your pet? Watch tips on how to take photos of kittens and different animals on YouTube. If you have any questions, considerations, or special directions in regards to the portraits at any time of the process, please contact us by way of e-mail.

If you have any sort of questions concerning where and exactly how to utilize oil pet canvas prints –,, you can call us at the webpage.