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Book a Barcelona city break with Ebookers and experience this clash of personality types for yourself. Like all the best fairytales, Barcelona has dark undertones that make it an interesting, mysterious, surprising city that lingers with you long after you’ve left.

If Barcelona was a movie it would be a Tim Burton masterpiece. Full of exaggerated, colourful and quirky characters playing their roles among a setting that is part fairytale and part nightmare, Barcelona is a truly magical place.

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Enjoy Barcelona’s fun-loving, carnival vibe, but don’t be afraid to play in the shadows occasionally. It’s in Barcelona’s darkest corners that you’ll find some of its most interesting quirks.

Step into the Light

One of Barcelona’s highlights is its amazing architecture. Famous for the work of proud Catalan artist Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona displays his intricate, fairytale-esque designs throughout the city.

Gaudi’s architecture manages to perfectly epitomise what Barcelona is all about. Decidedly ’dark fairytale’ in style, Gaudi effortlessly combines the playful with the gothic to create a multi-dimensional beauty that is infinitely more interesting.

The twisted spires of his still unfinished masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia church, rise up from the city like the turrets of a nightmarish, gothic castle. A place of worship and the ultimate divine beauty, the Sagrada Familia would also look well-placed in a Count Dracula story.

A work in progress since 1882, the people of Barcelona are determined to realise Gaudi’s inspired vision, even after his death. Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this consecrated Catholic church is a masterpiece of intricacy, from its divine spires which reach god-wards, to the skeleton-like interior and the intricate tableaus which adorn the exterior walls.

The Passieg de Gracia is another place to see stunning examples of Gaudi’s best work. The Casa Batllo is part mermaid with shimmering turquoise fins, and part skulls and bones, whereas La Pedrera resembles a giant sandcastle with thorny wrought-iron balconies.

If you want to submerge yourself in Gaudi magic for the day you can visit his Barcelona wonderland, 우리카지노주소 Parc Guell. Overlooking the city and crammed full of Gaudi genius, this amazing park is also where you’ll find Gaudi’s iconic mosaic iguana.

Come Over to the Dark Side

Just off of Barcelona’s carnival-eque central avenue Las Ramblas, a veritable riot of colour complete with overflowing flower stalls, budgies in hanging cages and street performers, is an area which is altogether much darker.

The Barri Gothic, or Gothic Quarter, is a labyrinth of twisting, turning dark alleys and shadowy squares. This area of Barcelona is arguably the city’s most atmospheric, and the winding alleyways can evoke a feeling of claustrophobia or stepping back in time.

The Barri Gothic is crammed full of tiny cafes, tapas bars, chocolate shops, boutiques and art galleries, and as such is an amazing place to spend a day getting lost in exploration.

The must see’s to tick off your list as you wander include the cathedral on the square (la Placa de la Catedral), the church on the atmospheric Placa del Pi, olde worlde chocolate emporium Fargas on Carrer del Pi and the little boutiques on Calle Avinyo.

When it comes to food and drink, the Barri Gothic is the place to find the most amazing treats and tastes. You’ll find the best tapas in the city at Cal Pep, on the Placa de las Olles, the freshest juices at Juicy Jones and the most delectable cocktails at El Ascensor, Bellafila.

Of course, you can’t visit Barcelona without indulging in their famous sugary churros and thick hot chocolate, 카지노 and La Pallaresa at Calle Petritxol is the best hot chocolate dipping experience in the town. If you just want a bag of crispy, fluffy, churros to go then head to Xurreria, Carrer dels Banys.

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