A Note On Best Movies Of 2010

Ethan Hunt is in Russia for an undercover operation. He witnesses the bombing of the grand Kremlin fort. The American government is forced by the Russian government to disavow the IMF, as they associate the organization with the bombing. However, the government initiates an operation known as “Ghost Protocol”. They let Ethan and his men escape the barricades of the custody purposely. The four-man team of IMF is forced to operate on their own without any official support. They struggle hard to locate the source of Kremlin bombing. They also find out the true reason behind the shutdown of IMF.

Revolver: This movie was actually Statham’s third collaboration with Guy Ritchie. This time he played another gangster tough guy. Although the film didn’t get rave reviews, in fact in was barely shown in the States, it was a little more pensive than Statham’s other films.

“Taken 2” put that hero in a position that he never should have been in, according to many reviews. Badawave it news also followed the same premise of the “Taken,” so nothing new was revealed. The audience wasn’t given anything novel or a new concept in the action film genre. Such a close reliance on the first film also left no room for a surprise in the sequel’s plot.

We used a female lubricant called “Astro-Glide” as artificial tears when we filmed the spoof on the Blair witch project. The actress said it tasted gross but it looked so realistic on film!

The plot itself is treated with very little love. The only thing that could even half-way considered even a “sub-plot” was set up in the first 10 minutes and pretty much brought home in the last 5 with no mention or relevance in between.

Gerard Butler plays Mike Banner, a hardened ex-special forces secret service agent who, after a horrible accident involving the President (Aaron Eckhart) and First Lady, is demoted to desk duty. When Washington D.C. is overtaken by terrorists and the President is taken hostage, Banner finds a way inside the White House and becomes the government’s only hope of saving the President.

Robocop: A cop is transformed after he is brutally murdered execution style by a notorious gang leader. He becomes a super crime fighter, a Robo Cop who is mostly machine with some remnants of his human memory/life. This film had lots of innovative fight scenes with robots, when that was the huge craze and robots were just becoming known in the late 80’s. Interestingly, Darren Aronofsky has been hired to film the remake, and Aronofsky is a brilliant director (The Fountain, The Wrestler, Requiem for a Dream).