What Are Blog Backlinks and Why Are They Important

If you have just started out with your blog you may be wondering what blog backlinks are and why they are important. Building backlinks for your blog is a very important step for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and to get your blog ranked in Google and other search engines.

Of course there are many other factors to consider, like keyword research, quality content and good blog layout to name just a few. But it’s the back links that are important when getting you blog out there and getting it listed within Google.

So what is a backlink you may be wondering?

Well it is simply a link from one website back to your blog. Think of your blog like an island in the ocean, when you started it there were no bridges to that island. It just sat there in open water and nobody knew anything about it or could get to it with ease.

You have to give people a route or a bridge to your blog and you do this by creating blog backlinks. The more backlinks you have the more opportunity you give people to find your blog.

Now you may be thinking that all you need to do is add a few great keywords and Google will list your blog. While keyword research is important and you should spend some time doing it right it’s not the one thing that will get your blog listed.

Google loves a site that has lots links to it so backlink building as well as keyword research is key to getting your blog listed. Also install a plugin call XML site map as this will help with your SEO and backlinking.

So to recap a blog backlink is just a link from one site back to your own. It is a bridge so that more people can find your blog and Google will love it because it starts to give your site some authority over other sites.

Don’t ever get into buying backlinks from companies as this could do more harm than good to your blog. All your blog backlinks should be free and come from high page rank sites like Facebook, Twitter, article directories and other blogs in your niche.

Building backlinks on blogs should take no more than 15 minutes each day, aim for 10 comments a day and that will give you 300 backlinks in a month. This will be a huge boast to your blogs Alexa rank and the traffic that it will get.

Blog backlinks should be a fun thing to do, you will always learn something new from the blog post your read and it will give your blog a steady flow of traffic for years to come. It is long term but you should start to see results very quickly.

I still get traffic from blogs I posted on months ago and have not been back to in a while so it is well worth investing the time in doing if you want to be successful online.