Sunshine Coast man caught with child abuse images avoids jail 

Gilson, of Nottingham, went on to plead guilty to one count of theft and five counts of fraud by false representation after being arrested by police.

iStock ImageOn Friday, he was caged for 16 weeks at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court.

Family: The child will be Petra’s first with Sam; she is already mother to three children, daughter Lavinia, six, and twins Andrew and James, four, from her marriage to ex-husband James Stunt, 37

This is a bummer. The platinum Alcantara model looks classy, but it’s disappointing that you have to splash out so much extra if you want the Laptop 3 in any other color. The black variant is, as noted, gorgeous. Paying premium for a metal finish is fair, but there’s no reason for there not to be a cheaper black, gold or blue Surface Laptop 3 with 128GB storage — as is the case with the $1,099 (£1,299, AU$1,699) MacBook Air model. 

A laptop repair malaysia seized during a probe into MP entitlements may contain material showing ‘overseas sexual exploitation of minors’ which allegedly included videos of young Asian girls 

If these online services do not work for you, then you can go for hiring the professional services of repair companies. The hardware related issues, which occur to the computers, are less common than the software related issues. While the software issues can be resolved by troubleshooting or scanning it online, the hardware repairing process can be a little complex.

You’ll always be able to add an external drive or two (or five, if you’re me) at some point down the road. But if your internal storage is a slow-spinning hard drive that comes in a lot of cheap laptops, even fast external storage is unlikely to help speed up loading Windows or applications. (You can frequently set a system to boot from a fast external solid-state drive if necessary.)

Two brazen thieves have been captured on CCTV footage stealing from a Gold Coast club in the early hours of Thursday morning – but there was one item they refused to take.

One thing you won’t find: a MacBook or any other Apple laptop. Even an iPad Air tablet will run you more than $500 once you buy the optional keyboard (though if you look for sales on the tablet or keyboard it might work out to less), which is above our budget here. A base-model iPad with an inexpensive Bluetooth keyboard and cheap stand for the iPad might suffice, though.

The naturist ran naked through a park in order to chase down the wild boar that had stolen his laptop