How to Create a Facebook Fan Page for Home Business

If you currently have a private Facebook account, you qualify to create a Facebook page to your business. To make this business page you want to get a personal Facebook account set up first. The fan page is linked to your personal account from a log-in standpoint, but doesn’t incorporate the friends as well as other connections you’ve made in your personal page. Therefore, the webpage can be used to publicize your business concerns, and your own personal account could be kept separate. Technically, how to create a facebook page it is a violation of Facebook Terms of Service to use a private account for business, so if biz is your target, you will want to produce a more Facebook page.

To create a Facebook page for your business:

Login into your personal Facebook account


Select your business category type from the radio button choices, and then choose the appropriate subcategory from the dropdown menu

Enter your organization name from the”Title of Page” place

Enter the security text, click enter, and your page will be generated!

Important: On the next page you will see your fundamental Facebook page. Also, click on the”Become a Fan” button so you can grow to be the very first fan of your own page. Believe it or not, both of these things can help you discover the webpage link afterwards, as Facebook does not make finding it self-evident from the personal profile page.

Now you can upload an image to use for your company ID, just like you used a picture for your personal ID. Also – you’re going to want to update the Info section with your business name, address, and site. It’s possible How To Create A Facebook Page add further details about your company and hours of surgery as well in the event that you prefer.