Top 10 Survival Movies

Over the next year, the film kept crossing my path. One summer evening, I was at the video store and there it was on DVD. I felt ready to see it. I had moved through the anger and was ready to forgive. I had developed more compassion and with time I had filtered through the physical junk and the unresolved junk in our relationship. I was beginning to remember some of the amazing moments in our relationship. I rented the DVD, popped some popcorn and grabbed a box of tissues. No one else was home.

Most watch Film Freaky Friday – are you in for some good laughs? Well, Jamie Lee Curtis and young Lindsay Lohan will surely give you that. We cannot deny the fact that sometimes, when our moms scold us, we were like “put yourself in my shoes”. For sure, your mom sometimes feels that way too so do not be too guilty. Anyway, this movie Freaky Friday will show you how is it to switch places with your mom/daughter. You’ll laugh, you’ll be in love and you will be touched watching this film. This is indeed a great movie to watch this coming Mother’s Day.

Another incredible baseball movie is A League Of Their Own, which portrays the story of an alcoholic ex-baseball star who manages an all girls baseball league for the wives of players whose husbands are away at war during World War 2.

My favorite horror film in recent memory however goes to The Descent. It is a story about 5 girls who go exploring in an unmarked cave and well, as you can imagine, everything pretty much goes wrong. I won’t say anymore, but The Descent is definitely a horror film worth seeing.

Slick rock trail has been the off road challenge for many a vehicle and human on a bike. You will know that your in great shape when you make it to the end of this trail.

I’ve found stories that have more parts to play can be more fun as it allows everyone to get in on the action. If you have only a few players, then it allows them to show case their talents by playing more than one part, ala Mike Myers style as in the Austin Powers series.

You should decide early in the planning stages what medium you want to shoot your short. Is it Digital Video (DV), film or High Definition (HD)? Because each medium has many considerations that will ultimately affect your story.

Visiting movie theatres involves spending quite a bit of money, especially if the group is quite large. The cost grows up if you have to buy food and drink as well. Imagine what a waste of money it would be if the movie were not a good one. Even the film you watch at home should be a good one because your evening can be ruined if it is not interesting. It would be great if you had a readymade selection of movies you could just pick from.

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