How Taskade is making staff productivity simpler

I am so performed with utilizing Google drive for everything. I once used Keep for making my task lists however I was just so bored to keep up my day by day task list in that tool. No offence to Google !

I keep looking for tools that assist me improve my productivity everyday, ya it surely is dependent upon the way you are feeling concerning the instruments you’re using. Even when the software provides you everything completely however if you are not able to be comfortable with it, you need to merely switch to something else.

In case you too feel like me, you will need to discover this wonderful instrument that I’m going to talk about.

Colorful and cheerful

The instrument is simple to use and has beautiful UI that keeps you engaged throughout the application. Such factor is really essential if you are going to use it whole day and everyday. It can make your work look less burden and you’ll like to play with it and utilize it to the fullest. It is likely one of the most important factors of making any software addictive.

More management

Your tasks are organized into lists, folders and workspaces. You can have a number of workareas while you can control what exists and who can access the workspace. For every workarea you don’t have to create several accounts like what occurs in Slack.

Effective collaboration

Individuals who join your workspace can comment on the task lists, chat with you parallely and can have a video conferencing as well. Making notes during call is made simpler and everything stays within the workhouse maintained and tracked.

Track progress

Tracking progress is really vital for tasks proper? Creating task however unable to see a collective progress leads to laziness. In case you are able to see how you are doing with the pending things you may be able to keep track of your time.

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