Mrs Hinch’s Hack To Avoid Fake-Tan Bed Sheets

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Bed Sheets

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Given how much time most of us spend sleeping – as much as ⅓ of our lives – there’s really no excuse to skimp when it comes to bed linens. If you want to get a great night’s sleep that will leave you rested and refreshed in the morning, you need the best bed sheets – along with a supportive mattress, quality pillows, and comfortable blankets.

There’s no shortage of bed sheets available today, and in fact, there are so many choices that it can be overwhelming to choose just one. However, there are several key factors that will guide you to the best bed sheets for you.

One of the main differentiators when it comes to bed linens is the material. Cotton is arguably the most popular fibers for bed sheets, as it’s the perfect balance of soft, durable and easy to wash. Linen is another popular choice that delivers a very luxe sleep experience and will stand the test of time, but linen bed sheets typically cost significantly more than their cotton counterparts. There’s also microfiber, a super-soft and affordable type of polyester, as well as flannel, bedding a cotton fabric that’s warm and cozy in the winter. All of these materials have pros and cons, and the best option for you will depend on your sleep preferences and budget.

Another important factor to consider when shopping for bed sheets is the structure of the fabric. For instance, percale is a woven fabric that delivers a crisp, cool feel, while sateen sheets are smoother, with a buttery texture. You may also want to consider the thread count of your sheets, as fabrics with a higher thread count are typically more durable, if more expensive.

It might seem like a lot to think about, and to be honest, it can be. The good news is that thousands of other people have made the same decision that you’re facing, and to make your choice easier, they’ve left detailed reviews heralding the best bed sheets available today. No matter your preferences, find your ideal set of bed sheets on the curated list below.

Best Bed Sheets Overall: Boll & Branch Classic Hemmed Sheet Set

Best Sateen Bed Sheets: Brooklinen Luxe Core Set

Best Affordable Bed Sheets: AmazonBasics Lightweight Microfiber Sheet Set

Best Percale Bed Sheets: Riley Percale Sheet Set

Best Microfiber Bed Sheets: Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

Best Linen Bed Sheets: Cultiver Linen Sheet Set

Best Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets: Chateau Home Collection Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Best Organic Cotton Bed Sheets: Coyuchi 300 Thread Count Organic Sateen Sheets

Best Flannel Bed Sheets: Pinzon Signature Cotton Heavyweight Velvet Flannel Sheet Set

Best Bamboo Bed Sheets: BAMPURE Organic Bamboo Sheets

Best Silk Bed Sheets: THXSILK Silk Sheet Set

Best Jersey Bed Sheets: AmazonBasics Heather Cotton Jersey Bed Sheet Set

Best Wrinkle-Free Bed Sheets: JCPenney Home Wrinkle Guard Deep Pocket Sheet Set

Best Bed Sheet Set With Extra Pillowcases: Sweet Home Collection 6-Piece Bed Sheet Set

Best Bed Sheets Overall

Boll & Branch Classic Hemmed Sheet Set

Boll & Branch

Classic Hemmed Sheet Set, Queen

If you’re willing to pay top dollar for an extremely luxurious pair of sheets, you won’t be disappointed with the Classic Hemmed Sheet Set from Boll & Branch. These sheets are made from 100% organic cotton and come in nine subtle colorways. The set includes a fitted sheet with a 17-inch pocket, a flat sheet and two pillowcases (except for twin sizes, which only come with one pillowcase), and the linens are incredibly soft and buttery with a matte finish.

“I don’t think I can ever go back to normal sheets now,” writes one reviewer. “These are so soft and wonderful that I feel like I’m sleeping at a 5-star hotel every night.”

Best Sateen Bed Sheets

Brooklinen Luxe Core Set


Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set, Queen

Sateen sheets offer a smoother, more buttery feel, and bedding you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better product than the Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Sheet Set. Made from 100% long-staple cotton, these silky smooth sheets are unbelievably soft, and their quality construction will last you for years to come. The Luxe Sateen Sheets come in a range of simple colors and patterns, and the Core Set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases.

“If you like soft, comfortable sheets without annoying sheen or crispy, crinkly texture, buy these,” recommends one happy customer. “I’m so excited to get into bed every night! … They’re tailored so well that they don’t bunch, wrinkle, or slip. I bought three sets in one week and will probably go back for more.”

Best Affordable Bed Sheets

AmazonBasics Lightweight Microfiber Sheet Set

AmazonBasics Lightweight Super Soft Easy Care Microfiber Sheet Set, Queen

If you have a more modest budget, the AmazonBasics Lightweight Microfiber Sheet Set provides the most bang for your buck. They’re made from soft polyester microfiber that’s durable and easy to clean, bedding and the set includes two pillowcases, a flat sheet and bedding malaysia a fitted sheet with a 14-inch pocket. You can choose from a wide selection of colors and patterns, and the set has nearly 100,000 reviews, the vast majority of which are positive.

“I’m purchasing my 3rd and 4th sets of these sheets today,” says one reviewer, who’s been pleased with how the sheets hold up over time. “Over a year later, I’ve had no issues at all. They continue to wash and fit perfectly, and are easily adaptable for weather changes.”

Best Percale Bed Sheets

Riley Percale Sheet Set

Riley Home

Riley Percale Sheet Set, Queen

Percale sheets have a crisp, cool feel that makes them a popular choice in the summer, and the Riley Percale Sheet Set reigns supreme in the category. Here’s more information on bedding take a look at the web site. These linens may be pricey, but they’re worth the splurge thanks to their high-end cotton fabric and modern color choices. The set comes with three pieces – a fitted sheet and two pillowcases with envelope closures – and you get the option to add on a flat sheet, if desired.

If you need more convincing, consider that reviewers call these sheets heavenly to sleep in: “There’s nothing like a crisp, white cotton sheet. Sure, they’re a little wrinkled when they come out of the dryer, but so what? … It’s not easy to find good old-fashioned 100% cotton sheets at a reasonable price.”

Best Microfiber Bed Sheets

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set, Queen

Polyester microfiber is incredibly soft and affordable, which is why the Mellanni Bed Sheet Set has a near-cult following. With more than 120,000 reviews on Amazon, these sheets are the definition of best-sellers, and people love their silky soft texture and low-maintenance construction. The four-piece sheet set comes in dozens of colors and patterns, and you can also opt for fitted sheets with an extra deep pocket.

“I’ve been using these sheets for a few weeks now and I can absolutely say that they are my favorite sheets ever,” writes one reviewer. “I don’t know what unicorn this fabric was harvested from, but it’s so incredibly soft!”

Best Linen Bed Sheets

Cultiver Linen Sheet Set


Cultiver Linen Sheet Set, Queen

Linen is one of the most expensive sheet materials, but the trade-off is that this fabric can last for decades if taken care of properly. Linen sheets like these top-rated ones from Cultiver get softer with every wash, and they’re perfect for year-round use thanks to their breathable construction. The four-piece Cultiver Linen Sheet Set comes in a wide range of colors, and the sheets are pre-washed for a soft, vintage feel right out of the package.

“I have never had linen sheets before and my expectations were exceeded!” remarks one reviewer. “First, while not as soft to the touch as a flannel or percale would be, these have such a nice delicate feel that only very nice linen can provide. Whether I am freezing or hot, they regulate temperature so well.”

Best Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

Chateau Home Collection Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Chateau Home Collection 100% Egyptian Cotton 800 Thread Count 4-Piece Sheet Set, Queen

Bed Sheets MalaysiaEgyptian cotton is generally regarded as the highest quality cotton you can buy, as its long-staple structure is extremely soft and strong. The Chateau Home Collection Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set is an unbeatable choice in this category, as reviewers love their weight, feel and reasonable price. These linens have a high 800 thread count and a 16-inch deep pocket on the fitted sheet, and they’re available in a range of subtle colors that will surely spruce up your bedroom.

“They have a great weight to them and have a terrific quality feel,” says one reviewer. “They have a nice cool feel as you get into bed, breathe well, don’t bunch up, [and] the fitted sheet stays in place and has nice deep pockets.”

Best Organic Cotton Bed Sheets

Coyuchi 300 Thread Count Organic Sateen Sheets

Coyuchi Inc.

Coyuchi 300 Thread Count Organic Sateen Sheet Set, Queen

Organic cotton linens often have a rough feel, but not the Coyuchi Organic Sateen Sheets. These high-end sheets are made from 100% organic cotton from India, and their sateen weave offers a buttery texture with a bit of shine. The four-piece organic sheet set comes in five colors, and the fabric has a 300 thread count construction that’s naturally wrinkle-resistant.

“They are soft, and they are LONG! Coyuchi does not skimp on the size of their sheets,” writes a reviewer who gives the set 5-stars. “I love how long the top sheets are. They tuck in beautifully, and there is still a lot to pull over your head on cool nights.”

Best Flannel Bed Sheets

Pinzon Signature Cotton Heavyweight Velvet Flannel Sheet Set

Pinzon Signature Cotton Heavyweight Velvet Flannel Sheet Set, Queen

This Velvet Flannel Sheet Set from Pinzon will keep you cozy and bedding warm, even on the coldest winter nights. The cotton material has a “double-napped” finish on both sides that makes the fabric feel extremely soft, yet they’re still breathable. The four-piece set comes in several plain colors, and reviewers say the sheets are so comfortable that you won’t want to get out of bed.

“I purchased a set of these flannel sheets back in the fall of 2013, and over five years later they are still going strong,” explains one happy buyer. “Even though I live in a fairly mild climate, I keep my house very cool and it is so nice climbing into a bed with these on.”

Best Bamboo Bed Sheets

BAMPURE Organic Bamboo Sheets

BAMPURE 100% Organic Bamboo Sheets, Queen

Bamboo sheets like these ones from BAMPURE are made via more eco-friendly processes than other fibers, and they have an incredibly soft, bedding silky feel that many people enjoy. This four-piece sheet set is made from 100% organic bamboo viscose that’s grown in a chemical-free environment, and the sateen weave will keep you cool throughout the night if you’re a hot sleeper.

“Just got a second set because of how amazing they are,” says one reviewer. “They feel super luxurious right out of the packaging. I am a hot sleeper living in Florida, and these sheets breathe very well and I never feel hot in them, yet they have also do a good job in the cooler months.”

Best Silk Bed Sheets

THXSILK Silk Sheet Set

THXSILK Silk Sheet Set, Queen

Real silk sheets are synonymous with luxury, bedding and you’ll feel like a movie star sleeping on the THXSILK Silk Sheet Set. These linens are made from 100% Mulberry silk, a temperature-regulating fabric that’s comfortable for both cold and hot sleepers. They come in a range of bold colors, and they’re naturally hypoallergenic, making them ideal for allergy sufferers. However, be sure to note that the set comes with two pillow shams, as opposed to standard pillow cases.

“These sheets are like sleeping in a cloud,” explains a reviewer who gives the set 5 stars. “Absolutely fantastic and worth every penny. They are somewhat higher-maintenance than cotton sheets, but sinking into them at the end of a long day makes the world drift away like a butterfly into the great blue sky.”

Best Jersey Bed Sheets

AmazonBasics Heather Cotton Jersey Bed Sheet Set

AmazonBasics Heather Cotton Jersey Bed Sheet Set, Queen

The AmazonBasics Heather Cotton Jersey Bed Sheet Set has the same lived-in feel as your favorite cotton T-shirt. These popular sheets are made from 100% cotton, and the lightweight fabric is unbeatably soft, stretchy and welcoming. The set comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases, and reviewers say the linens are “snuggly” without being too hot.

“Everything you love about an old T-shirt, minus holes and body odor, is here in these sheets,” explains a reviewer. “I have shopped all over looking for something comfortable, affordable, and with neutral colors or no harsh dyes. This is perfect.”

Best Wrinkle-Free Bed Sheets

JCPenney Home Wrinkle Guard Deep Pocket Sheet Set


JCPenney Home 400tc Wrinkle Guard Deep Pocket Sheet Set, Queen

Don’t like when sheets come out of the dryer wrinkled? Then you’ll love the JCPenney Home Wrinkle Guard Sheet Set. Made from 100% cotton sateen with a 400 thread count, bedding malaysia these sheets are manufactured with a special treatment that helps to prevent wrinkling. They come in several muted colors, and the four-piece set includes a fitted sheet that fits mattresses up to 18 inches deep.

“We have 4 sets of these sheets and love them,” explains one of many reviewers. “They are smooth and soft and come out of the dryer wrinkle-free.”

Best Bed Sheet Set With Extra Pillowcases

Sweet Home Collection 6-Piece Bed Sheet Set

Sweet Home Collection Queen Sheets

If you have more than two pillows on your bed, chances are you often have to buy extra pillow cases separately when purchasing sheet sets. However, this highly rated set from Sweet Home Collection comes with four pillow cases – perfect for anyone who loves sleeping with several pillows. The six-piece sheet set is made from polyester microfiber, and you can choose from more than 40 colors and patterns.